8 unforgettable walks of the world

February 20, 2015

Some walkers are inspired by an interest in the culture, others do it out of a spiritual conviction and others approach it as a personal challenge. Thousands of people of all ages, physical shapes and sizes, health and fitness levels do it every year and hundreds of thousands have been walking it for centuries.

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How to break in your new walking boots

July 02, 2015

When we buy a new pair of shoes, we expect instant comfort (unless it is a pair of 6inch heels). But with walking and hiking boots, we must be realistic and give them a breaking in period, before we take to the mountains.

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Nutrition tips for walking

July 09, 2015

What food you might want to take with you on a multi-week or -month trek, and specifically, what to think about in order you don’t pass out halfway between towns from lack of energy.

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Why we do our best work outdoors

January 28, 2015

The beginning of the year has a way of insisting that we take a moment to pause. Our calendars are suddenly light, bellies unbearably full and the ambition to tame our ‘to do’ list is at its annual high.

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